Video Farm Surveillance Camera Systems
Monitor your equipment and animals with your own high quality security camera system

Video Farm Surveillance Camera Systems

Why A Surveillance System

Our surveillance system is a wise addition to any farm or ranch. Whether you are trying to protect your farm equipment from being stolen, or you are keeping an eye on pregnant livestock who will soon go into labor, you may find having your own surveillance camera system indispensable.

Watch Remotely:

Your Feeding Stations
Your Workshop
Your Birthing Stalls
Your Barns
Your AG Equipment
Your Driveway
Your Milking Room
Your Home

We offer two Surveillance System models.The dome camera system( A-SSD765) mounts on the ceiling, while the other model is a wall mout camera system (A-SSW641). Both systems come complete with camera, cable, adapter, and operational software. (System does not come with a computer)


Unique Features
  • Waterproof
  • High Resolution Cameras
  • Motion Detection
  • Targeted Viewing
  • Night Vision
  • Customizable Software
  • Easy Installation
  • Scheduled Recording
  • View World Wide

Dome Camera Surveillance System

Wall Mount Camera Surveillance System

Part # A-SSD765 - Only $212.16

Kit Includes

1 - SVC765 Sony Color Dome Camera
Wired With A /2000mA AC Adapter 

1- 65' Surveillance Cam Power Video Cable

1 - USB Video Adapter With Software

Part # A-SSW641 - Only $245.31

Kit Includes

1 - SVC641 Sony Color Wall Mount Camera
Wired With A /2000mA AC Adapter
1/3" CCD, 38-95 Degree Manual Color Zoom

1- 65' Surveillance Cam Power Video Cable

1 - USB Video Adapter With Software

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