Used Japanese Mini Trucks
The Perfect Farm & Ranch Service Vehicle

Standard Cab Used Mini Truck

Dump Bed Used Mini Truck

ModifyYour Mini Truck To Meet Your Needs

Mini Truck With Tracks & Snow Blade

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Heated Cabs - Some With Air Conditioning
Full Six Foot Truck Bed With Fold Down Sides
Major Japanese Vehicle Manufacturer Reliability
Absolutely Miserly On Your Fuel Consumptiion
Numerous Wheels, Tires, & Accessories Available
Many Parts Suppliers Located In The United States

Haul Feed, Lumber, Fencing, Tools, Manure, Soil, Water, Or Anything You Need
Install A Spray Rig, Tracks, A Tool Box, A Snow Plow, Livestock Cages, Etc.

Farmers prefer them to ATV's, UTV's, and modified golf carts

Suzuki Mini Trucks - Mitsubishi Mini Trucks
Daihatsu Mini Trucks - Subaru Mini Trucks

Prices for used mini trucks:

Carbureted units 1992-1998 range from $4,600 - $5,500
Fuel injected units 1999 - 2013 range from $6,500 - $13,000

There is no sales tax in Oregon


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