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Sheep & Goat Handling Equipment: Sydell Spin Doctor

Restrain livestock in our Sydell Spin Doctor sheep and goat handling system, designed to allow you to easily turn over and work with your animals to facilitate ease with hoof trimming, tagging, worming, vaccinating, and weighing. Make handling livestock a stress-free, one-man operation. We do not recommend using during gestation.

Quality • Experienced • Affordable

We offer Sydell-manufactured livestock equipment at lower prices than you will find elsewhere.  Sydell’s products, which are made in the USA, are the first choice among universities, research facilities, farm and ranch producers, and youth groups due to their superior craftsmanship. 

Since we are located in Oregon, there is no sales tax on any of the products we offer.

We do not recommend using the Spin Doctor during gestation.

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#936 Original Spin Doctor

With numerous adjustments for different sized animals, this original Spin Doctor is adjustable to fit nearly any size of sheep or goat, excluding wide-based sheep/goats such as Dorper sheep.


  • Easy rolling maintenance table for sheep/goats

  • Left and right headgate

  • Swing away false floor

  • Top adjust

Dimensions:  Length: 6’4”, Width: 3’10”, Height: 4’6”

Price: $1,633.50


Contact us for shipping quote at or 1-541-461-3283

Optional Attachments

Sydell Digital Scale Kit

Turns either the Spin Doctor or the Deluxe Spin Doctor into a scale with ease. Never guess weight before butchering, deworming, or giving medications.


Price: $1,236.75
Sydell #937H Hitch for #936 or #938-2 Spin Doctor

Adjustable Vertical Yoke used for ATV $103.40

Weight 17 lbs.


Price: $108.10


Sydell Spin Doctor Wheel Kit #937
Easily attaches to the #936 or #938-2 Series Spin Doctor for moving to different worksites

Price: $155.10

Sydell Spin Doctor Headgate Access Unit #927
This headgate access unit allows you to work on the head of your goat or sheep using the #936 Spin Doctor and the #938-2 Deluxe Spin Doctor. You can add more alleyway. The access unit can also serve as a 3-way sorting gate.

Price: $527.80

Sydell Tool Holder #986V

Use this vertical support for suspending bottles and other devices for vaccinating or de-worming. This will free up your hands to make it easy to work on the sheep or goats. It can be pinned anywhere along the system.

Price: 54.00


Sydell 4 Ft. Corral Support

The Corral Supports are used to connect sections of alleyway together to make longer runs. The Corral Support will give you an alleyway width of 48” instead of the standard 18".

Price: 91.00


Sydell #940ALR-Walk Thru Gate

Constructed from 1 ¼” square tubing 14 gauge frame and ½” solid rods makes this gate a must have around the farm/ranch. The 30” wide with a 25 ¼” door opening is self shutting. The gate is reversible and can be hinged from both the right and left. .

The gate can work for many different uses around the farm/ranch.  From a gate to get into a pen in the lambing barn to one that is used outside to go from pasture to pasture.   The easy to grab handle at the top also is used as the latch on the gate to lock it shut.

Weight 40 lbs.

Price: $150.40


Sydell #900A Bi-Fold Gate

Frame is constructed of 1” square tubing 15 gauge, with the gate being constructed of ½” solid rods. The gate works well when space outside of the alleyway is at a premium. The gate easily folds in half to open up a alleyway.

The #900A bifold gate cannot be used when the producer wants to narrow the width of their alleyway to 12”, or 6”.

Weight 40 lbs.

Price: $159.80


Digital Scale Kit 1004A@

Digital Scale designed to attach to Sydell’s #936 Spin Doctor and #938-2 Deluxe Spin Doctor. Never guess weight when you deworm or give medication again.

Price: $1,236.75


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