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California Mastititis Test

The California Mastitis Test is an easy, accurate and inexpensive mastitis test. Simply collect milk from each quarter into the four cups of the paddle and squirt in the reagent for an immediate positive or negative reaction. Complete kit consists of 4-cup test paddle, squeeze bottle reagent dispenser, directions, and 16 oz. bottle of CMT concentrate, enough for 1 gallon of reagent. It can be used for goats or sheep also.

Price: $17.40


Concentrate for CMT Kits

16 oz. bottle of California Mastitis Test concentrate makes 1 gallon of reagent.

Price: $10.95

Bovivet CMT Test Kit
(Test Fluid Sold Separately)

A reliable and inexpensive mastitis-detecting kit, the Bovivet CMT Test Kit contains pump dispenser bottle (test liquid sold separately), one paddle with larger diameter wells for easy viewing, instructions, and a record-keeping booklet. Pump dispenses exactly 3ml of test liquid. Kit weighs 12 oz

Price: $42.95

Bovivet CMT Test Liquid
1 Liter

Test Liquid, 1 ltr for use with the Bovivet Mastitis Test Kit. Ready-to-use test liquid, (not a concentrate), pump not included.

Price: $11.95

Blue Mastitis Paddle

Test Paddle for mastitis features a smooth comfortable handle, tilt lines for both left and right hand use, slightly domed cup-bottoms to enhance visibility of coagulation, and dark blue color for maximum milk visibility. May be used with any mastitis testing liquid.

Price: $3.65

Bovivet CMT Test Paddle

Plastic Paddle is used with a reagent ready-to-use Mastitis Test Liquid for testing all four quarters of the udder simultaneously for mastitis.

Price: $4.20

X-Spurt Mastitis Test w/ Paddle

The X-Spurt Test Paddle makes CMT testing a fast and efficient one-hand operation instead of a tedious time-consuming procedure. The X-Spurt bottle holds the reagent and also acts as a handle. With one squeeze, an equal amount of reagent enters all four paddle sections at the same time. CMT liquid sold separately.

Price: $ $19.95

Testing Paddle for CMT Kits

Extra Testing Paddle for CMT Test Kit.

Price: $8.95

Mastitis Indicators

Safe and easy to use, the Dr. Naylor Mastitis Indicator changes color to give positive indication of mastitis infection. Package of 30.

Price: $5.95

Strip Cup with Screen Insert

Aluminum cup in 1/2 pint capacity with stainless steel screen insert. 4 inch diameter.

Price: $13.95

Screen Insert for Strip Cup

Stainless Steel Insert only for Aluminum Strip Cup with 1/2 pint capacity (above).

Price: $4.20

Strip Cup with Black Insert

Aluminum cup in 1/2 pint capacity with black insert. 4 inch diameter.

Price: $13.95

Black Insert for Strip Cup Above

Aluminum cup in 1/2 pint capacity with black insert. 4 inch diameter.

Price: $13.95

Mastitis Detection Strip Cup

This ultimate strip cup has a 50% wider diameter (6 1/4") and a larger capacity with a practical black anti-splash screen for detecting mastitis infected milk. Snap-in screen can be removed with a simple flick of the thumb, eliminating contact with potentially inflected milk. Emptying and cleaning is simple and quick. Wt. 7 oz.

Price: $9.50


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