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Sydell Lambing/Kidding Pens

At Three Willows Ranch Supply, you’ll find everything you need for lambing/kidding time.  Make lambing and kidding easier on you and your sheep and goats with lambing/kidding pens systems, panels, creep feeders, and lambing/kidding supplies.  Customize the pens to your needs with grafting gates, headlocks, hay feeders, external grain and water buckets, a creep area for lambs and kids, and many other features.  These panels and pens can also be used outside of lambing/kidding season due to their exceptional design.

Quality • Experienced • Affordable

As sheep and goat ranchers, and as a leader in the agricultural business for nearly 20 years, we evaluate all of the products we sell and offer only the most superior lambing/kidding supplies available.  We offer Sydell-manufactured livestock equipment at lower prices than you will find elsewhere.  Sydell’s products, which are made in the USA, are the first choice among universities, research facilities, farm and ranch producers, and youth groups due to their superior craftsmanship. 

Since we are located in Oregon, there is no sales tax on any of the products we offer.

Lambing/kidding pens with ewe headlock in use for grafting lambs

Lambing/kidding pen with creep for lambs/kids with heat lamp

Click on each picture to see a close-up view.

Lambing/kidding pens with ewe headlock (shown being held)

Lambing/kidding pen with creep for lambs/kids - heat lamps in use

Lambing/kidding pens with external buckets

Lambing/kidding pen with grafting panel in use

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