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Accessories Below:
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Sydell Pail Brackets

Sydell #210 Pail Brackets $ /#210W 8" diameter, Weight 2 lbs. $16.00
Sydell #220 Pail Brackets $ /#220W 9 1/2" diameter, Weight 2 lbs.$16.00
Sydell #230 Pail Brackets $ /#230W 12" diameter, Weight 4 lbs.$17.00
Sydell #210-6 Pail Brackets 6-8" for Models #650/#961, Weight 2 lbs. $13.00
Sydell #220-6 - 9 1/2" Pail Bracket for Models #650/#961, Weight 2 lbs. $13.00

All model #'s with a "W" fit 1" x 4" wood panels.

Shipped UPS



Sydell Pails

1. Sydell #211F Pails - 5 quart Fi-Shock 8" diameter, Weight 2 lbs. $3.30
Uses #210/#210W pail brackets

2. Sydell #212 Pails - 5 quart Poly Pail 8" diameter, Weight 2 lbs. $12.00
Uses #210/#210W pail brackets

3l Sydell #222F Pails - 10 quart Fi-Shock 9 1/2" diameter, Weight 2 lbs. $5.25
Uses #220/#220W pail brackets


Sydell 490 Ewe-Headlock

With adjustable neck size, the Ewe-Headlock easily attaches to the front feed panels (400 Series) where it is needed. This unit makes ewe maintenance a one-person operation.

15" x 20 1/2"

Fits in all 400 series panels. Weight 12 lbs.


See picture below for Ewe-Headlock in use.



Sydell 490 Ewe-Headlock

See picture above for price of Ewe-Headlock and description.





Sydell Quad Post

Used to connect #400, and#450 Series panels.

Sydell #493 Quad Post - 36" 4 lbs: $27.00

Sydell #494 Quad Post - 42" 5 lbs: $28.00





#620 Wall Bracket

Sydell #620 Wall Bracket used with 3' tall pens - Weight 2 lbs. $13.00

Sydell #620-T Wall Bracket used with 3'-6" tall pens - Weight 3 lbs. $14.00






Sydell 497 Heat Lamp Holder

Easily attaches to the 600 series panels.

Weight 2 lbs. $16.00


Sydell Hay Basket #204A

This feeder is wonderful for putting in the lambing/kidding pen and is also perfect for fairs or with a small group of animals.  It is constructed of 1/4 inch rod with spacings of 3 inches. The brackets fit over any material up to 1-1/2 inches. Dimensions are 20 x 9 x 20-1/2 inches.  Attach it just high enough so animals can just reach it.
Weight 7 lbs.

Price: $38.00




Sydell 4' Hay Basket #203A

This is a well-liked, quality, and long-lasting feeder that is wonderful in the lambing/kidding pen, at fairs, or with a small group of animals.  It is constructed of 1/4 and 1/2 inch rods.  The manger openings are 2 ¾” between the bars.. Dimensions are 47 X 12 X 19-3/4 inches. Attach it just high enough so animals can just reach it. Weight 20 lbs.


Price: $93.00


Sydell Poly Hay Feeder #201F

This exceptional poly hay/grain feeder is 22 X 8 X 24 inches. This feeder has clevises to hang on most panels up to 1-1/2" thick.. It has a capacity of 50#. It is ideal for the lambing/kidding pen or for a small group of animals.

Price: $99.95






Sydell Wall Brackets #620 and #620-T

The #620 and #620-T wall mount brackets are used with #400, #450, #460, and #600A series panels.

The #620 wall mount brackets are used with 36" tall pens. Weight 2 lbs.
Price: $13.00

The #621-T wall mount brackets are used with 42" tall pens. Weight 3 lbs.
Price: $14.00




Sydell Pin #495 and #496

Zinc plated drop pin #495
3/8" x 36"

Zinc Plated drop pin #496
3/8" x 42"

Price: $6.00


Sydell Wall Mount Bracket #625-WMB for Deluxe Lambing/Kidding Pen

This wall mount bracket is designed specially for attaching the Deluxe Lambing/Kidding Pen panels to a wood wall. Weight 7 lbs.

Price: $20.00




This Mini-Kit is the perfect size Sticky Roll system for smaller barns, stalls, or even in your home. It is quicker to install than the larger ones. Sticky Tape works incredibly well to catch those pesky flies that are so annoying on your farm. The Mini-Kit is complete with Sticky Roll tape, take-up reel, mounting brackets, screws, all in handy blister-pack.

SIE1080 Mini-Kit with equine graphics, 81 ft.


Price: $9.60
(Case of 12 = $99.00)

Click here to see more Sticky Roll system options.



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