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Sydell Sheep/Goat Auto Headgate #974A

The Auto Headgate has adjustable neck width. 22-1/2" wide 21" deep x 51-1/2" tall.
It is a self catching and latching headgate. Open the headgate doors at a width that the sheep/goats head can get through, and it will latch when their shoulders hit the doors. The sheep/goats then can be released forward.

See the two pictures below in use.

Price: $423.20

Sydell Sheep/Goat Auto Headgate #974A

See above.





Sydell Sheep/Goat Auto Headgate #974A


See above.


Sydell Sheep/Goat Complete Cage Unit #971

This is great for containing and working on a sheep or goat. This unit includes #980 Sliding Alley Gate, #973A 3-1/2' Solid Panel, #974A Auto Headgate, #973B Split Door Panel. Overall length 67". Overall Width 61" using #980 Sliding Alley Gate. Weight 236 lbs.

See the picture below in use.

Price: $949.50



Sydell Sheep/Goat Complete Cage Unit #971

See above.





Sydell Sheep/Goat Single Side Auto Headgate #976
This single-sided auto headgate is like the #974 Auto Headgate in that it is self catching and latching. The main difference is that this single sided auto headgate gives full access to the head, but the sheep/goats can't be released forward. It has both ground and elevated controls.

Price: $423.20


Sydell Sheep/Goat Solid #973A and Split Doors #978

#973A Solid
Price: $126.90

#973B Split Doors
Price: $243.80

See the picture below in use.


Sydell Sheep/Goat Solid #973Aand Split Doors #978
This complete cage unit has both the split and solid doors shown above.



Sydell Sheep/Goat Head Holder #975 for #974A Auto Headgate

This Head Holder can be attached to the #974 Auto Headgate to hold the sheep/goats head in place when working on them. It swings away to the side so the headgate can still function as normal.

See the picture below in use.

Price: $150.40


Sydell Sheep/Goat Head Holder #975 for #974A Auto Headgate
Boer Goat in #974A with Head Holder #975 in use. See above for details..



Sydell Sheep/Goat Deluxe Headgate with Alley Conversion Kit #978

This Deluxe Headgate easily pins to the front of your working system, but still allows you complete access to the head of your sheep/goats. 45" wide x 49" tall. Weight 95 lbs.

Price: 450.80



Sydell Sheep/Goat Complete Ramp and Raised Cage Unit #977

Complete ramp, head gate, and cage unit set.. Pins together for quick set-up. You can work at a comfortable height with this 30" tall raised cage unit and ramp. It includes #976 Singled Sided Headgate, #973A Solid Panel, #973B Split Door Panel, #980 Sliding Alleyway Gate, 30" Tall Deck, Ramp and Solid Side Panels #970 Corral Support.

Area Required 124" x 61" x 72", Alley 18"

See the picture below in use.

Weight 419 lbs.

Price: $1,692.00



Sydell Sheep/Goat Complete Ramp and Raised Cage Unit #977
See above for details.





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