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Three Willows Ranch Supply is your source for high-quality goat supplies at lower prices.  Shop our expansive line of goat handling equipment including portable goat corrals, panels, gates, and pens, goat stanchions and stands, fair pens, spin doctors and tilt tables, scales, squeeze chutes, and loading ramps.  Explore our unique line of goat equipment for products such as hay/grain feeders, kidding pens, show goat supplies, and more.  We also offer quality goat dairy/milking equipment including milk pasteurizers, butter churns, cream separators, and more.

Quality • Experienced • Affordable

As meat and dairy goat ranchers, and as a leader in the agricultural business for nearly 20 years, we evaluate all of the products we sell and offer only the most superior livestock supplies available.  We offer Sydell-manufactured goat supplies at lower prices than you will find elsewhere.  Sydell’s products, which are made in the USA, are the first choice among universities, research facilities, farm and ranch producers, and youth groups due to their superior craftsmanship. We also offer Coburn goat supplies at lower prices.  Coburn, a leader in the farm and dairy industry for over 85 years, manufactures some of the best livestock equipment in the world.

Since we are located in Oregon, there is no sales tax on any of the products we offer.


Kidding Pens
Creep Feeders
Kid Heater
Kid Restraint
Kid Sling
Kid Hanging Scale
Small Hay and Grain Feeders
Kid Bucket Milk Feeders

Pregnancy Checker
Electrolyte Pack
Elastrator & Elastrator Bands
Electric & Manual Tail Dockers
Kid Puller
Restraint for Lambs & Kids
Castration and Docking
Video Farm Surveillance Camera
Prolapse Harness with Spoon
Mastitis Testing
Mr. Sticky Fly Control

Small Hay and Grain Feeders
Large Hay and Grain Feeders
Mineral Feeders
Automatic Waterers
Rubber Buckets
Plastic Buckets
Float Valves
Salt Block Pan





Corral Transport Units
Complete Corral Systems
Spin Doctors and Turn Tables
Hi Roller
Weigh Tape
Single Corral Panels
Single Corral Gates
Corral Accessories
Loading Ramps
Truck Bed Transport Cages
Fair Pens and Gates
Goat Milking Stands and Stanchions

Head Gates and Cages



Tagging and Tattooing
Barn Supplies

Ear tags
Ear Tag Piercer
Poly Chains
Branding Irons
Freeze Branding Irons

Fair Pens
Truck Bed Transport Cages
Fitting Stands
Hydraulic Fitting Stands
Clutch Winch Fitting Stands
Fitting Stand Accessories
Show Rails
Small Livestock Hay Feeders
Show Equipment/Show Lamb Feeders


Barn Cleaning Supplies
Mr. Sticky Fly Control


Goat Milking Equipment
Goat Health and Breeding
Goat Milk Processing

Dairy Goat Milking Claws
Goat Milking Stands and Stanchions
Basic Milking Stalls For Dairy Sheep and Goats
Goat Milking Machines
Bucket Assemblies For Dairy Goats and Sheep

Butter Churns
Goat Shells & Inflations
Goat Milking Stalls
Dairy Goat Milking Claws
Electric Pulsators for Dairy Goats
Electronic Pulsators for Dairy Goats
Goat Bucket/Lid Assemblies
Goat Milking Clusters
Receiver Groups
Goat Hand Milking Pails/Buckets
Milk Strainers
Milk Filter Dispensers
Milk Tanks
Mastitis Testing
Teat Spray
Dairy Equipment Brushes
Udder Balm
Udderly EZ Goat Milker Kit
Fight Bac Teat Spray
Other Milking Parlor Equipment
Cream Separators

Hoof Trimmer
Syringe/Feeding Tube
Disposable Syringes & Needles
Hoof Boots
Foot Baths and Hoof Care






Cream Separators
Butter Churns







Buck Equipment
Cashmere/Mohair Equipment
Goat Fencing Supplies

Buck Blinders
Goat Muzzles




Automatic Clippers/Shearers
Hand Shearers
Clipping Oil
Goat Blankets
Carding Equipment


Battery & Solar Fences
Fence Testers
Electric Fencing Supplies
Electric Fencing Posts
Electric Fencing Wire
Electric Fencing Reels
T-Post Puller
Post Pounder

Dairy Goat Gifts

Dairy Goat T-Shirt


















Supplying the best quality, affordable agricultural equipment since 2010.

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“Know well the condition of your flocks, and pay attention to your herds.”  (Proverbs 27:23)

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