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Accessories Below:
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Sydell #721 Side Safety Rails

When you are by yourself fitting your sheep/goats, the Side Safety Rails help keep the sheep/goats on the stand without falling off. They quickly slide into the sleeves on your stand. Ships as a pair.

Fits all Sydell Fitting Stands

Weight 15 lbs.

Price: $71.00


Sydell Bench #736B

Slides into the Safety Rail Bracket on your Fold-Up Stand. Can be moved from side to side to help milk or fit your goats/sheep. Includes one #720B mounting bracket.

Price: $64.00



Sydell #720B Receiver Brackets

The bolt-on brackets can be easily attached to any Sydell stand or you can drill holes in other manufactured stands to use Sydell's #720B Safety Rail Brackets.

Weight: 2 lbs.

Price: $29.00



Sydell Wheel Kit #745WK

Make transporting your Sydell stand easier with the Sydell Wheel Kit. The sleeves slide over the front legs and are then secured to the stand.

Price: $35.00





Sydell Head and Neck Reaches

#730A Nose Head Piece. Weight 5 lbs. $40.00
#731-L Head Piece for Sheep & Goats weighing 120 lbs. and up. Weight 5 lbs.$40.00
#731-S Head Piece for Sheep & Goats weighing below 120 lbs. Weight 4 lbs. $40.00
#732 Curved Neck Reach for Adult Sheep & Goats. Weight 5 lbs. $20.00
#733 Straight Neck Reach for Sheep & Goats. Weight 4 lbs. $15.00
#SS0962 Replacement Chain. Weight 1 lb. $3.00

Head Pieces Zinc Plated

All items shipped UPS






Sydell #753 Winch with Cable Only

The clutch winch is the safet winch unit on the market for adults as well as children to use. Includes Winch and 7' aircraft cable.

Weight 8 lbs.

Price: $108.10


Sydell Shuttle Kit #780SHK

The kit turns your #780, #781, #782 or #AL780 stand into a portable shuttle.

Price: $234.60



Sydell 30" Riser Kit #751

This kit will allow you to turn your #750A Winch Stand into a #755A 30" tall Winch Stand.

Weight 20 lbs.

Price: $86.00


Sydell Front Extension Legs #745XT

Do you want your show lambs/kids to be on an incline just before going into the show rings? Sydell's #745XT are adjustable brackets to adjust the front of the stand higher than the back. Numerous different angles can be obtained with theses brackets.

Price: $49.00






Sydell Aluminum Small Headpiece
AL0731-SX with Chain

Aluminum headpiece designed for sheep/goats under 120 pounds.

Price: $69.00

Weight 3 lbs.






Sydell Large Aluminum Headpiece
with Chain AL0731-L

Aluminum headpiece designed for sheep/goats over 120 pounds.

Price: $69.00

Weight 4 lbs.






Sydell Nose Head Piece with Plastic Chain AL0730

The nose style headpiece works great for sheep/goats up to 150 pounds.

Price: $69.00

Weight 3 lbs.






Sydell #705R Quick Attach Ramp

The #705R Quick Attach Ramp quickly attaches to the fold-up fitting stands by sliding the bracket over the back leg support on the stand. 20" wide x 48" long helps to get bigger sheep/goats onto the stand. Some sheep/goats are reluctant to get up onto the stand, so this ramp makes it much easier.

Price: $141.00

Sydell Goat Milk Stanchion
with Poly Trough #735A

This goat stanchion can be used for milking dairy goats at home or at the show. The sliding latch system allows you to quickly lock in your goat. #1021 1' poly trough included.

Price: $131.60


Sydell Aluminum Goat Stanchion AL0735
with #1021 Poly Trough


User friendly aluminum goat stanchion for milking dairy goats at home or at the show. The sliding latch system allows you to quickly lock in the goat. #1021 1’ poly trough included.

Price $178.60

Weight 8 lbs.



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