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Automatic Drencher/Injector

Dr. Register's 300 cc Drench Gun

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Automatic Drencher/Injector
with Back Pack 50 ml

Automatic adjustable Drencher Kit is built under precise standards and with excellent materials to give the user quality at an economical price. The drencher is suitable for most drenches and solutions, and the dosage barrel refills automatically from the 3-liter plastic container. Units feature comfortable aluminum alloy gloss enamel handle and lever, adjustable dripless stainless steel nozzle, and unbreakable graduated and transparent polycarb barrel. Newly designed springless valves located inside plunger don't require disassembling for cleaning. Adjustable for 5-50 ml dosage. Wt. 2 lbs. Repair kits available separately.

Price: $148.00



Dr. Register's 300cc Drench Gun

Dr. Register's Drench Gun has a comfortable coutoured grip which reduces fatigue. Made of durable high-impact materials, the Gun features teflon O-ring, long-wearing nylon nozzle and adjustable metering limiter. No lubrication is necessary. Not suitable for use with very viscous liquids. Bagged with instructions. Wt. 1 lb.

Price: $89.00

200cc Drench Gun

Drench Gun has a capacity of 200cc and may be calibrated with a simple screw adjustment. Handle is made of strong ABS and the acetate barrel is chemical-resistant. This is a self-contained Drench Gun which does not connect to a hose or container.

Price: $37.00


Roux Style 50cc Syringe


This widely used and extremely popular "Roux-Style" long-barreld, trigger operated piston syringe contains some major improvements over the original Henke syringe while still having fully interchangeable parts. Roux Design can be set to deliver precise dosages of 1-5 cc every time. Wt. 1.35 lbs. Special Features include:

  • Counterclockwise threaded handle bolt, so handle doesn't loosen
  • Replaceable Luer Lock adaptor
  • Extra large plunger adjustment nut
  • Angled dosage dial face for ease of reading
  • Full 50 cc dosage
  • Precision engineering with excellent fit & finish
  • Shatter resistant polypropylene barre.
  • Nickel-plated bronze frame

Price: $68.00

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