Sydell Sheep and Goat Corral System Accessories

Made in the USA by Sydell

Sydell's unique line of products has made them the Number One choice among
Universities, Research Facilities, Farm & Ranch producers and youth groups.


Corrals make shots, hoof trimming, sorting and loading a one-man operation.

Sydell Corral Poly Flat Alley Stop #965A

This poly flat alley stop for anti back-up allows the animal to step over the top, and then when backing up hits the lower portion of its leg.

Shipped UPS - Weight 3 lbs.

Price: $25.00

Sydell Corral Vertical Support #948
  • Height 42", Base 36"
  • Shipped UPS - Weight 11 lbs.

Price: $37.00



Sydell Corral Support #970
  • Base 41", Height 42"
  • Shipped UPS - Weight 20 lbs.

Price: $79.00

Sydell Corral Support #970-4

4 Ft. Corral Support
The corral supports are used to connect sections of alleyways together to make longer runs. It will give you an alleyway width of 48" instead of the standard 18".

Price: $89.00






Sydell Corral Tub & Ground Supports #944D & #944


  • Tub supports for 944 System #1 & #2 Ground Supports.
    Weight 20 lbs.
    Price: $65.00


  • Tub supports #1, #2, and #3 Ground Supports.
    Weight 30 lbs.
    Price: $95.00
(#944 Pictured at Left.)
Sydell Corral Alley Work Tray #946P
  • Ideal for Laptop, Medical Supplies, or Other Tools
  • 29 3/4" x 12 1/2" x 9"
  • Shipped UPS - Wt. 17 lbs.

Price: $94.00






Sydell Tool Holder #986V

Use this vertical support for suspending bottles and other devices for vaccinating or de-worming. This will free up your hands to make it easy to work on the sheep or goats. It can be pinned anywhere along the system.

Price: 54.00






Sydell Top Alley Spacer #947 (not pictured)

Used to narrow the top of the alleyway down to the 12” or 6” width. Weight 3 lbs.

Price: $25.00

Shipped UPS






Sydell Rope Support #986

Used in conjunction for the #985, the Rope Support allows you to attach the rope from the Guillotine gate above your head and out of your way when not in use. The Rope Support can be pinned anywhere in your system setup. Weight 6 lbs.

Price: 58.00

Shipped UPS






Sydell Drop Pins 1/2"x42" and 1/2"x36"

#945 Drop Pin 1/2 ” x 42 ” zinc plated drop pin. Used on 42 ” tall 800 series panels. Weight 3 lbs. Price: $9.00

#896 Drop Pin 1/2" x 36" zinc plated drop pin. Used on 36” tall 800 series panels. Weight 3 lbs. Price: $9.00

Shipped UPS







Sydell Wall Mount Bracket #949

Lag bolt this wall mount brackets into a wood wall to pin in any of the 900 series panels. Weight 3 lbs. Shipped UPS. Price: $20.00









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About the Corral Systems

  • Makes hoof trimming easy
  • Makes weighing animals easy
  • Makes giving shots easy
  • Makes de-worming easy
  • Makes sorting animals easy
  • Makes loading animals easy

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